Attorneys: Increase Your Income and Take More Vacation

by Alay Yajnik, Executive Career Coach at The Barrett Group and Law Firm Growth Expert & Founder, Lawyer Business Advantage

Run Your Law Firm Like A Business

Life is not easy for the owners of small law firms. Consequently, they have to wear many hats. In addition to being an attorney, they need to bring in the business, manage employees, and run the law firm. Law firm growth expert Alay Yajnik helps attorneys increase their income and take more vacation. In this video, he explains how.

Lawyer Business Advantage

The Barrett Group’s unwavering commitment to the legal profession over the years has positioned our firm to be regarded as the best resource for attorneys who want to optimize their careers.

For that reason attorneys comprise the largest percentage of our clients. As a result, the Barrett Group Legal, an entire division of The Barrett Group, solely focuses on helping lawyers find their next opportunity.

Attorneys need experts who can help them weigh their options, discuss alternatives, and reach an understanding of what is right for their specific circumstances. Hence, the Barrett Group Legal helps clients to navigate the complicated job market and achieve their distinctive career needs and desires.

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