How We Help

The Barrett Group Legal pinpoints your transferable skills and identifies your best career options – we know the job market within the legal industry as well as outside the legal industry.

Your Career Choices

The vast majority of the attorneys who contact us do not know what the full extent of the career choices available to them. In fact, their most attractive career choices may be outside of the legal industry!
The Barrett Group Legal then works with you to secure positions in the fastest, most efficient manner. Our expert team targets and positions you for maximum marketplace exposure to with superior compensation packages.

Better Than A Recruiter!

Recruiters are not interested in your quality of life. They are not equipped to help you change industries, move in-house, identify new functional titles or discover alternative attorney careers. Recruiters work for the law firms. They want to keep you “pigeonholed” in what you have been doing – not what you could or should do.
We are out of the box thinkers who help you explore the full range of your available options.
“Increasingly, lawyers are seeking out professional services to help them make the transition to an in-house legal environment or to leave the law entirely.”
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