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Industry Updates 2021

This is a compilation of all Industry Updates the Barrett Group published in 2021. The Barrett Group is a career management firm. Our mission is to help executives clarify their career objectives and then discover the position of their choice. 

Our clients are the candidates themselves. And they pay us a graduated fee to achieve the incredible results we have delivered now for 31 years. For example, so far in 2021, we have helped clients field more than 1,000 interviews. They weighed almost 400 offers. And they have accepted several hundred executive roles.

Numerous reviews, testimonials, and success studies support our reputation. We are proud to have been honored as the leading international career management firm. Not least the recognition as a leader in our field in 2020 and 2021 by Forbes magazine.

Our system revolves around five principal steps. These steps are:

  1. Targeting (via our Clarity Program©).
  2. Packaging (a.k.a., Personal Branding).
  3. Market Access (to the recruiter market, the published market, and the unpublished market).
  4. Preparation (for interviews and offer negotiation). And,
  5. On-boarding (avoiding pitfalls and achieving early advancement).

Our methodology works across industries, cultures, and geographies. And we are quite confident serving clients pretty much anywhere in the world. Note, too, that our services are 100% virtual. And have been now for almost five years. To work with us, no client needs to travel. And no client needs to fear contact in these days of pandemic and infection risk.

Each client receives support from a six-member team. One critical member of these client teams is the research associate. This person provides insight into targeted companies and executive decision-makers. In order to support these services, clearly, we must have access to enormous amounts of data. To help executives understand the amount of movement in this market, we began publishing Industry Updates in 2021. These illuminate specific business segments. Highlight the major companies and the specializations. Also noting locations and roles. All of this so as to uncover pockets of higher growth wherever they are.

There is always demand for good executives if you know where to look.

And clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some are frustrated by their lack of progress when searching on their own. Others are returning to the market after a decade or more in the same position. Some have no solid idea of how to look for an executive job. While others may feel they do the work but do not have the title.  Or maybe they feel significantly under-compensated for the value they add. Some are bored or burned out. While others want to improve their quality of life.

The specific reason executives come to us is very important, of course. It is usually the emotional driver of the whole process.

Our Clarity Program© is the Targeting step of our career change system. Through it, we help clients better understand themselves and define a holistic career target. Often this new target involves a change of company, industry, geography, and/or role. In these cases, we help clients demonstrate the relevance and transferability of experience and skills. This is key to a candidate’s success.

Next, our artful writers transform resumes and LinkedIn profiles to match the new target. And our interview coaches work diligently with clients to assure that they handle interviews optimally. The goal is that our clients are almost always on the shortlist for suitable positions. Moreover, our negotiation coaches consistently add tens of thousands in compensation. They apply the lessons of our thirty years in the business once the offers start flowing.

Please enjoy and profit from the following Industry Updates. And let us know if you need help taking your career to the next level.

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