Success Stories

Success stories from clients of our career management services and coaching

Our steadfast commitment and verifiable achievement in the success of our attorney clients has earned us the superior reputation we enjoy today.

We honor and respect the confidentiality of our clients, so therefore, while the data of these testimonials are true, we have altered the identity of the individual.

The Barrett Group Legal is dedicated to navigating the complicated legal market and achieving the distinctive career needs and desired outcomes for our attorney clients.

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Success Stories

The global economy was a disaster, and Andres T. had just been downsized from his $175K Senior Legal Counsel position.

He reached out to the Barrett Group. In less than 90 days, we guided Andres through a job search that led to several offers. We then coached Andres through the complex interview process at a major law firm. Andres secured a partner-level position at this firm, which increased his income by over $45K despite the global recession.

Margaret D. was employed in a general counsel role but unhappy. She didn’t like the politics at her current company, and was worried about being laid off. We worked with Margaret using a dual approach to:

  • help Margaret navigate the politics at her current employer so she could stay employed
  • find a new opportunity that would be a great long-term fit.

During the seven months that we worked together, we helped Margaret remain employed so she could remain selective about her next role. We helped her seek out opportunities, secure numerous interviews, and prepare for those interviews. With our assistance, she negotiated and accepted an offer. Then, six months after she started in her new role, we helped her negotiate salary and bonus increases. Within her first year at her new job, her income grew by $53,000!

Robert P. thought he was an excellent interviewer until he completed the Barrett Interview Coaching process. He said it “really opened my eyes.” He also lauds the quality of research as being instrumental in achieving his targeted compensation level.

Jana was General Counsel of a beverage manufacturing company when Barry, the Chief Operating Officer, went out on medical leave. The CEO held a meeting and asked who would be able to temporarily take on Barry’s duties. Jana’s Barrett team helped her put together a proposal and she presented it to the CEO and he accepted. Four months later Barry returned to work, but after two days decided to retire. Jana was permanently made COO; her first official act was to hire her best friend from law school as the new GC.

Brad was Assistant General Counsel at a failing construction company and had really lost his passion for practicing law, especially litigation. With the help of his Barrett team, he expanded his professional network and used the Unpublished Market to infiltrate a large food canning company just 10 minutes from his house.  HIs contact was the VP of Operations; when the Plant Manager quit to take another job, the VP suggested Brad for the open position. Brad’s Barrett team coached him on the interviews and the offer negotiation and he loves his new role.

Jerry was Chief Legal Officer at a high tech firm and was looking for a new opportunity; there was no chance of advancement in his company and he was bored. When the two founders got into an argument about the direction of the company and went to Jerry to draft an agreement that would break up the firm, he asked The Barrett Group what to do. Excited about our suggestion, he called two friends and they went to the bank. Jerry bought out the founders and took over as CEO and partner.

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